2010, then

I usually take a few minutes on NYE to sum up my year, just because I find it a nice bookend. In 2010 I:

Last year my main resolution was to work harder and earn more, as I was fed up of not quite making ends meet. The total tonnage to which I have not achieved this is hard to put into words. I am in a lot more debt than a year ago. Still, it was all worthwhile / necessary – I haven’t been terribly silly about spending – but, still, it’s not a great position to be in.

Otherwise, I wanted to get fit, write more, and go on holiday. I’m actually reasonably fit since acquiring a cross-trainer and making myself do 20mins every morning. It’s not as good as a gym, but I can actually stick to a routine, and I’ve noticed the difference – I recover from viennese waltzes and jives much more quickly. I didn’t write anything very interesting this year, but I did go on holiday – a last-minute trip to visit the schools in Uganda, which was an amazing experience.

Whatever happens, this year will be interesting. I finish uni in May, and things will have to change. As mentioned, I’m barely making ends meet, and will need a job / some bright idea. I see friends with actual prospects, and they all seem like adults, and I just feel nothingy. I have a dissertation and major photo project to finish in the next few months, but thereafter all I have is a sense of a Big Looming Crisis. Upsettingly, this is all very much like the end of my A-levels, which was ten years ago.

So, resolution for this year: successfully get through the Big Looming Crisis. Come out the other side with a coherent plan for, you know, being an adult. Also:

  • Write some fiction, as I miss it.
  • Reply to emails more promptly.
  • Improve dancing technique (and take private lessons, as soon as I can afford it).
  • Get a book of interesting things to play on the guitar, and practice them lots.

I’m pretty sure odd-numbered years are better all round. Happy new year!