Strictly Final notes


It was fair of them to put the showdances in the first half, this year. Normally there’s a couple who rehearse all week and don’t get to perform, which is a shame. They were curious, though. Matt and Aliona were kinda stop-starty, and Pamela and James were a bit flat. But Kara and Artem were the strangest. She’s perhaps the most graceful and elegant non-pro dancer Strictly has ever seen, but was stuck doing gymnastics and looking unsteady. I think they tried too hard.

Still, though: Kara’s rumba. Goodness me. She’s still the front-runner overall, imho, but tonight she’s only a little ahead of Pamela. Performance-wise, Matt should probably be the first to go.


Yes! Result. Kinda a shame it wasn’t a Pamela / Kara battle at the end, but Kara worthy winner. Waltz was perfectly nice (hard to be flashy in the waltz), but the American Smooth was completely lovely. Especially as she was injured.

Definitely the most nervous I’ve been in the finale for a few years – probably since Mark Ramprakash in S4. I mostly hid behind a cushion. Best series since then, too. Quite possibly better, but I have a soft spot for S4 due to being there.

Things of note:

  • I think half the country – including me – was yelling at Artem to kiss her.
  • Craig was spot-on with his marks and comments all series, imho.
  • Bruno has a truly inspired way with words (genuinely – I think he’s great).
  • Don’t have anything against Alesha, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she disappeared next series.
  • Katya.
  • Tess and Claudia are both remarkably good at handling large groups of people, on live tv. I’ve never seen either stumble.

Sad now. Saturdays now less sparkly, and evenings Claudia-less. Still. Good times.