Skepticism quiz

At this summer’s Questival camping weekend we ran a quiz based around UK skepticism, as well as some atheism / humanism / generally-related-stuff. I figure it’s worth putting online on the off chance it’s useful for anyone over the christmas break. Some of the questions are a bit specific, but it might make a good starting point. We ran it with six rounds:

  1. Atheism / humanism / skepticism
  2. Current affairs
  3. Pictures
  4. General knowledge
  5. Audio
  6. Atheism / humanism / skepticism

and each round had 13 questions. In total it ran a bit over 90mins, although we had some feedback that it felt a bit long without any breaks. The quiz questions are packaged here (excluding general knowledge and current affairs):

And the questions / pictures / sounds are after the break.

General atheism / humanism / skepticism – 1

  • What is the title of Douglas Adams’ final book, published after his death?
  • Who is the current head of the church of Scientology?
  • Under what type of tree did Buddha achieve enlightenment?
  • What is the name of the monster that supposedly roams Puerto Rico, Mexico and parts of the United States, sucking the blood from livestock? (half a point unless spelt correctly)
  • According to the human genome project, how many protein-coding genes are there in the human genome? And, for an extra point, how many megabytes would you need to encode the entire genome of a single person?
  • Which high-profile Christian sportsman stepped down from Songs of Praise after losing his faith?
  • In late 2008 the Pope said saving humanity from homosexual behaviour is as important as…what?
  • What date is Carl Sagan day?
  • South Park recently caused a fuss by supposedly depicting the prophet Mohammed dressed in a bear suit. Who was eventually revealed to be inside?
  • Who was the first president of the AHS?
  • Robin Ince’s Godless concerts raise money for a Humanist School in Uganda. What is its name?
  • Name the atheist/skeptical blogger who started the ‘Boobquake’ campaign earlier this year.

General atheism / humanism / skepticism – 2

  • What is friggatriskaidekaphobia?
  • Martin Gardner’s book ‘Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science’ is considered a classic of skeptical writing. When was it first published?
  • Who founded the Church of the Latter-Day Saints?
  • James Randi famously debunked a faith healer on the Johnny Carson show by playing the secret radio transmissions from the man’s wife. What was the name of this faith healer?
  • Who was keynote speaker at TAM8 – this year’s Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas?
  • Homeopathic solutions are classified by how many times an active ingredient has been diluted by a factor of 100. So there are dilutions of 10C, 30C, 100C, even 200C. What dilution is the equivalent of one active molecule in a sphere of water the size of the universe?
  • Whose UFO sighting gave rise to the phrase ‘flying saucer’? And for a bonus point, when was it?
  • What is the name of Steven Jay Gould’s controversial model of evolutionary change?
  • Who runs Skeptics in the Pub?
  • Which moral philosopher came up with what he called the ‘categorical imperative’?
  • Identify the logical fallacy in the following statements: [note: I’d probably advise replacing this question, as it’s not very well formulated. And certainly don’t have it at the end!]
    1) Christianity explicitly denies that natural selection played a role in the development of life.
    2) We must have a death penalty to discourage violent crime.
    3) I hear the rain falling outside my window; therefore, the sun is not shining.

Picture round

(point for each)

Audio round – identify the speaker(s)