Frosty Stratford

Yesterday I was due to hand in the first draft of my dissertation, although uni’s definition of ‘draft’ differs from everybody else’s: they wanted a finished chapter, an outline, an introduction and a bibliography. I only found this out a couple of weeks ago, by which point I’d written two thirds of the whole lot. Still, it’s been sitting in my conscious mind for a long time now, and I was looking forward to reaching a milestone.

So on Tuesday I got up, ready to finish things off, and opened the curtains to see the overnight hoarfrost. Every tree in sight was completely white. Now, we’ve had very little snow here. Not even enough to build a snowman – it’s been most disappointing. But the hoarfrost was new, and I’d never seen anything like it around here. Wow.

But no. I knew I must stay in and work. And I did, for an hour, until the sun came out. See, look, I’m doing a photography course. I think this gives me an excuse – I’m sure they’d understand that no photography student could possibly resist glistening branches and blue skies. So out I went.

Frosty Stratford #37 Frosty Stratford #38
Frosty Stratford #06 Frosty Stratford #31
Frosty Stratford #10 Pretty out there Frosty Stratford #15
Frosty Stratford #08 Frosty Stratford #13

It was really lovely out there, but tricksily cold. Obviously it felt cold, but there was no wind, and the sun was out, and it somehow didn’t seem too bad. Until after 40mins my fingers stopped working. I was in plenty of layers, but after another 40mins it was actually a bit worrying – I was starting to feel weird. Most shots at this point involved slamming my fingers into the appropriate buttons anyway, which isn’t conducive to good photos, so I got home as fast as I could, then promptly went dizzy with the temperature change. Very peculiar. Still, I’m pleased I did, as I quite like the photos (full set here).

I got the dissertation finished by midnight, and it’s all handed in. Hooray! Now in limbo waiting for the feedback to arrive, which is great. Obviously can’t do any work on it until then. I might be on entirely the wrong track, for all I know.

I was also excited about finishing the draft as today promised to be interesting: last week I applied for my dream job, and I was due to find out today whether they wanted to interview me. I’ve spent the last week cycling between I’m-probably-a-contender and don’t-be-ridiculous-you’re-obviously-not-qualified. As it turned out it was the latter, and I didn’t make even an interview. Makes perfect sense and not at all bitter, just feeling a bit naive and embarrassed. But I guess I wasn’t to know. Well: I really should have, which is kinda the problem. Still, had to try.

Everybody’s asking what I’m going to do after I graduate. Argh. Can’t put them off forever. Thought I’d know by now.

Anyway, my dissertation is all outlined! Woohoo! The relief of not having to think about it for a bit is remarkable. Straight run to Christmas now. Tree tomorrow!