Remember, everyone: even if you’re responsible for the deaths of thousands of children, you’re still no worse than the USA

Joseph Kony is a psychotic murderer who spent a decade abducting children from northern Uganda and making them fight in his own crazy army. He is amongst the world’s most wanted men. The Guardian has an article about him. It contains the following paragraph:

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, was also calling for Kony to be brought to justice last month in a Foreign Policy magazine article that suggested that local armies lack the equipment and skills needed to apprehend the villain – the implication being that America should send in a posse. This is distinctly chilling coming from the head of the world’s most influential human rights organisation. If it’s OK to send in a special forces hit squad to take out Kony, why not also take out all the other, in some cases equally vicious, rebel groups in Central Africa? Why not, even, put the whole continent under US military command?

I suppose this is meant to be sarcastic, but sarcasm only works if there’s a valid point being made. I can’t see one. The rest of the article mentions various reasons, political, pragmatic and by the end frankly conspiratorial, that the USA should not send troops into Uganda. I have no expertise with which to judge these claims. But claiming that a mission to capture/kill Joseph Kony is the moral equivalent of occupying Africa makes me less inclined to bother analysing anything that follows.