Hooray for the royal wedding

I’ve decided to be enthusiastic about the royal wedding. This is mainly because so many people are being dickish about it.

I’m as much a republican as most lefties. But it’s not his fault he was born into the family. He seems perfectly nice, and does a lot of charity work, and doesn’t abuse his position. Yes, he’s more privileged than the rest of us, but I don’t see him crowing about it.

And it’s certainly not her fault. Can’t help who you fall in love with. And you wouldn’t wish that kind of press attention on anybody, poor woman. Not to mention the sneering over her background – over the summer some arse on The One Show said she wasn’t of appropriate breeding. I hope he actually exploded when the marriage was announced.

Ok, sure, it shouldn’t cost the taxpayer. But it seems the benefits to the economy will make up for it. So yes, there’s a principle, but in practice there are more important things to get het up about.

If you are apoplectic about having to see newspaper articles on the topic, or hear about it on television, get it together. You are a fully autonomous human being. You can ignore things you are not interested in. This does, however, mean you don’t get to shout in public about how uninterested you are. But this is a good thing. Because shouting about how uninterested you are, with no further point to be made, makes you very very boring. I used to be like this about I’m a Celebrity until I realised I was being a dick.

And don’t be snide about people who are interested, either. How pathetic, to take pleasure in other people’s happiness. How common, to want to know the details of a grand wedding. The I’m-better-than-you pomposity of many comments suggests a badly thought-out world-view.

Prince Charles uses his position to influence political decisions, yet people remain calm, but his son falls in love and people shout how much they hate them? For god’s sake.

Finally: it’s nice! Why not just be happy for people?

So, I’m going to be enthusiastic. Ra.