100 favourites

For the first time, one of my photos has reached 100 favourites on Flickr:

Flood dancing couple - 7

By most metrics, this is by far the most popular photo I’ve ever taken. It regularly gets posted to blogs / adapted in mashups, and was also used on the cover of an Australian folk album.

I took it on the day Stratford flooded, but I really really wanted to stay in and read the newly-released Harry Potter 7, and I honestly remember thinking “what are the odds I’ll take something any good anyway?”. Went out anyway, and saw this couple salsa-ing in the floodwaters. I took a bunch of shots, but this is the one people seem to like most. I gave the couple my card, and they’ve had equal share of anything I’ve received.

It’ll be a while before this happens again – the second-place photo has 8.