Busy. Perturbed.

I know it’s a standard blogger’s lament, but oh my god I’ve been busy. Exceptionally busy – more than I’ve been for years, I think.

I had my manic six weeks with Protest the Pope and the various party conferences, and then uni started again and they’ve been wanting actual progress on dissertations and major photo projects. Which is fair, I suppose. I’ve also been interning with the BHA Ceremonies department, and have been appointed to the board of the AHS. Both of which I’m really enjoying and pleased about, and want to do well at. I’ve also been trying to put together calendars and Christmas cards before it gets too late to sell before the festive season, while dealing with two of my biggest clients needing total network replacements in the last month. And my boiler failed completely, so I spent six weeks shuttling between home and my parent’s house while the problem was passed around from installer to manufacturer to fitter, until finally getting fixed a couple of weeks ago. And for the last few weeks a cold has caused all processing of conscious thought to relocate to about a metre above my head, unless lassoed into place by Lemsip Max. It’s quite strange.

Which sounds like complaining, but isn’t really. I’d far rather be busy than bored. Hate bored. I go weird. Still, I’m annoyed I’ve been doing interesting things that I haven’t written up properly. I like writing things up – it’s why I have a blog!

Anyway, here’s an example of my going a bit mad over the weekend and spending two early-morning hours thinking I’d come up with the best idea ever for a BHA Christmas card, before looking again the next morning and realising I am a crazy person:

A quick email to various friends confirmed I was out of my mind for a while there. Afaik, nobody’s translated the whole thing yet.

Right. Will try to post more. Busyness be damned. Miss writing.