In for maintenance

I’m having an operation later today. My insides made a bid for freedom via an old operation scar, though I like to think of it as my groin being too powerful to support itself, and a surgeon needs to shove everything back into place and weld me shut. I agreed to very late notice if they had a procedure cancelled, so, even though I’ve been needing the op. for a while, this is all a bit unexpected. It’s a general anaesthetic, but is just a day thing and I should be out by this evening.

Means I can’t drive for a week, and will limp for a bit, but nothing too arduous. Mildly annoyed at lack of autonomy in the week my sister is due to give birth, but I keep reminding myself I’m getting fixed for free and mustn’t moan.

Nil by mouth now, and I overslept so haven’t had any breakfast. The grumpiness is rising. I apologise in advance.