Uganda photos: finished

Isaac Newton School #260I finally finished processing the Uganda photos/videos this afternoon. Hooray! It is quite the relief, not least because now they’re in the cloud I can stop worrying about hard drive failures taking out my summer’s work.

Much as I love Flickr, I have to admit it’s easier to browse the shots on Facebook. FB’s new album layout makes everything look pretty, and the refresh-less Next/Previous is very pleasant. Flickr has the edge in pretty much everything – quality, information, accessibility – but FB is hard to beat for quick browsing. The albums (of selected shots) are here if you’ve a login. If not: Mustard Seed School, Humanist Academy, Isaac Newton School, Elsewheres.

Everything’s neater on Flickr, though, and there are far more images: the collected albums are here, with just the highlights here.

I’m pleased with how the photos turned out, and hopefully the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust will find them useful. After six weeks of editing it’s easy to notice the mistakes, and the shots I didn’t take, but that’s just all the more incentive for next time. I was hoping to go back to Uganda before the end of the year, but I don’t think that’s going to happen – no money, for a start, and finding the time would be tough. But I’ll make sure the schools get prints of all the shots.

The plan is to have an exhibition – with the focus on raising money for the schools – early next year. With a bit of luck I’ve now taken all the images for my final major project, too – I just need to sell it to my tutors.