What to do after the iPhone 3G

My iPhone is failing. The iOS4 update transformed my pixie-infused shinymagic joystudio into a crash-prone epically-slow notworkybox, and I am cross. Happily, my contract is up, and cash4phones reckon they’ll pay £157 for my 3G, which will happily cover whatever replacement I like1. But I don’t know what to like.

The obvious replacement is the iPhone4. It’s undeniably a lovely thing, but I’m not terribly inclined towards a phone which might, in 2 years, degrade to the point of uselessness because Apple don’t care / want me to upgrade. That said, the iPhone4 camera is gorgeous – and this is no small feature for me. And the phone is (right now) stupid fast. And the screen is great. And I’m already invested in the app store. And I actually quite like the iTunes integration, despite the myriad flaws. But, there’s Android.

I used an Android phone recently and it was lovely – all the cool stuff I’m missing out on suddenly seemed very important. Google satnav, proper-not-crippled-by-Apple-for-no-apparent-reason Google LatitudeSwype keyboard inputs; being able to customise most of the phone. But it’s much buggier than iOS, by all accounts, and the current cameras (and hardware generally) are a generation behind the iPhone. Sure I can wait for the next awesomephone that’s always just around the corner, but you can always do that.

I would have happily moved to an iPhone4 had Apple not treated their 3G customers so shoddily. Hmph. Will pop into a phone store and have a play with everything on offer, or maybe just get an iPad and a massive retro handset.

  1. this seems a little good to be true, and I’m concerned someone somewhere poor is getting ripped off – anyone know? []