Pathetic government response to criticisms of homeopathy

The Science and Technology Committee investigation into homeopathy concluded that homeopathic products should not be exempt from requirements of efficacy. Here’s the Government’s response:

37. Homeopathy has a long tradition in Europe and is a recognised and widely used system of medicine across the EU. The Government takes the view that consumers who choose to use homeopathic medicines should be fully informed about their purpose and assured that standards of quality and safety are maintained. If homeopathic medicines were not subject to any kind of regulatory control consumers would not have access to such information or assurances. Conversely, if regulation was applied to homeopathic medicines as understood in the context of conventional pharmaceutical medicines, these products would have to be withdrawn from the market as medicines. This would constrain consumer choice and, more importantly, risk the introduction of unregulated, poor quality and potentially unsafe products on the market to satisfy consumer demand.

Oh well, that’s fine then. It’s obviously more important that people have access to all ‘medicines’ ever dreamt up, than that anyone ensure they work.