Dubai hi

I’m typing this sitting on the floor in Dubai airport, plugged into one of the many helpful laptop-charging-stations. It’s 5am my time, and I may start hallucinating shortly (apologies if this post descends into detailed descriptions of moon-badgers).

I am happy. Uganda was wonderful, and has pretty much rendered useless my stock of superlatives. It is a land of poverty and wooden scaffolding and bright colours and religion and nestled treasure and stars and crazy bike-taxis and monkeys and fruit and malaria and the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered. Seeing the schools was a lesson in the realities of life in such small communities, and you can’t help but admire the kids – their dedication in the face of such odds was remarkable.

I took a shade over 6000 photos (though many are rapid-fire duplicates), and I’ll process them as soon as I can. Here’s lunch being prepared at the Isaac Newton School (where we stayed for a week):


IsaacNewtonLunch3 IsaacNewtonLunch2

and new chum Ivan next to one of the stranger water dispensers we encountered:

Ivan and Acid

I’d best stop there – feeling pretty weird now. 3.5hrs till my Birmingham flight. Back soon.