Goodness me, I can’t believe I’ve blogged so little about my trip. Have various posts written in my head, but it’s been non-stop for a week.

Anyway, I’m sitting in a cafe at Dubai airport, next to a lot of fish and a fast-food caviar booth, and finally have some time while I wait for my flight to Entebbe.

The plan for the next couple of weeks is to visit two of the schools for a day or so – the Mustard Seed school and the Humanist Academy. I’m tagging along with a group of four people visiting for international friendship week, and they’ll also be writing reports for the Trust on the progress of the schools. One has apparently *just* had solar panels installed, which is pretty awesome.

The others are then going on a gorilla safari for a week, during which time I’ll stay behind at Isaac Newton High School and either help teach or just hover, learning how it all works. It’s this part I’m most excited and nervous about, as, well, it’ll just be me. There’s a chance there could be some young video students – from Bristol, I think – but this is still very tentative.

I have a stupid amount of kit with me. Put it this way – at a wedding last Friday I took 2000 photos, which came to 40gb. So I have a lot of storage here! Including a bright gold Michael-Jackson-belogoed samsung portable hard drive, which was £14 cheaper than the identical black version.

I’ve been vaccinated against yellow fever, typhoid, tetanus, meningitis and hepatitis A. There are anti-malarials to take daily, and I know the warning signs for rabies and cholera. I am trying not to think about the possibility of getting ill.

The flight to Dubai went pretty smoothly, other than B’ham security going through my bags extensively. They took away my stupidly hand-luggage-packed shampoo and contact lens fluid – because any self-respecting chemist could easily concoct an explosion from those – but also found my camera and coo-ed over it for a bit. Had to buy aforementioned toiletries at duty free Boots, and am now carrying them round in a look-I’m-stupid sealed plastic bag. Still, hardly a hardship.

The flight took us pretty close to Baghdad. I couldn’t see it from my side of the plane, but that was quite the moment of realisation. Other than that I spent most of the flight with Tina Fey, as they had rolling 30 Rocks, as well as Date Night. Enjoyed the latter, though I’d likely enjoy Steve Carrell and Ms Fey doing pretty much anything.

I keep drifting off into daydreams, then snapping back into reality and realising where I am. It is most odd.

Anyway, that’s me atm. I am going to have no money for a long, long time, but I think it’s worth it. I’ll update from Uganda when I can, though that’ll more likely be through tweets than posts here. May even try to keep Latitude updated – there’s a public link somewhere, I think. I’m back Thursday 15th.