Photography Quiz

I helped run an end-of-year photo festival at uni last week, and we wanted to include a photography-based quiz. I couldn’t find much online so I put one together from various bits and pieces, and I figured it was worth posting for passing Googlers looking for something similar. We had seven rounds of ten questions, which took about 90mins:

  1. Photography trivia – 1
  2. Name the photographer from the photo – 1
  3. General knowledge
  4. Name the brand / Spot the Photoshopping
  5. Current affairs
  6. Name the photographer from the photo – 2
  7. Photography trivia – 2

All the relevant sheets / presentations are below. It’s a little UK/London-centric, and I haven’t included current affairs or general knowledge. I’ve also highlighted a couple of questions that relate to the University of Westminster, so probably won’t be much use.

  • PDF (including answers) is here. Word version here.
  • Powerpoint of all the photo rounds is here.
  • Separate powerpoint for the Photoshop-round answers is here.

and the questions are below the ‘continue reading’ link (I only mention this because it’s my blog and I didn’t spot it for a few minutes).

Photography trivia 1:

  • At which school did Bernd and Hilla Becher teach students including Andreas Gursky, Thomas Ruff and Thomas Struth?
  • Who was the head of the Farm Security Administration’s photography project?
  • If your f-stop is f5.6, and you want to divide the amount of light coming into your lens by half, what f-stop should you use?
  • When did Robert Capa die? (within 2yrs)
  • Who is the current director of The Photographers’ Gallery?
  • In Photoshop there are 4 blending modes beginning with D – name them.
  • What is the name of Adobe’s universal file format for RAW images?
  • If your flash is 6m from your subject, and you want your subject to be four times brighter without changing your aperture, how far away should you put your flash?
  • Which photographic process was invented by William Fox Talbot?

Name the photographer 1:

Name the brand:

In this round the brand logo or major identifying characteristic has been removed.

Spot the Photoshop:

In these photos something has been changed (by me). Quiz-ees have to identify the difference (so just saying ‘it’s the car’ isn’t enough). Click the photo for the unedited version.

Photography trivia 2:

  • What is the name of the ISO 50 slide film made by Fuji, famous for its very saturated colours?
  • When was Camera Lucida published? (within 2yrs)
  • What is the standard temperature of tungsten light, in kelvin?
  • In January 2009 the Twitpic website crashed as thousands of people tried to view a photograph of which news event?
  • Who won the 2010 Deutsche-Börse photography prize?
  • I’ve just taken a picture of Brian, using a flash with a guide number of 32. He is 16m away, and he was correctly exposed at ISO 400. What f-stop did I use?
  • What is notable about the portraits of photographer Philippe Halsman?
  • In the famous photo of the workers having lunch on the girder of a New York building, how many people are there?
  • According to a 2009 analysis of over 35 million photos uploaded to Flickr, what are the top 7 most-photographed landmarks in the world? Point for each.

Name the Photographer 2:

This uses Balakov‘s brilliant (and Creative Commons licensed) Classics in Lego set. Players have to identify who took the original photo. (click through for answer).