Déjà vu

I spent Saturday running around Bourton-on-the-Water as part of a treasure hunt. We had to decipher codes, tear around a maze, run pieces of string around a model village, fish things out of a river, and badger some Morris Dancers. It was great.

On Monday I went to a Strobist seminar. I think I learnt more about photographic lighting in that one day than I have in 3yrs of university. It was great.

This morning I got up early to watch the LOST finale. It was…I don’t know what I think yet. But it was thought-provoking.

All of these things I would like to write about, but I am trying desperately to finish my workbook in time for handing-in tomorrow, and barely have time to eat. I will hopefully write about them before I start to forget. Also I have one major worry that is clouding out everything else.

On deadline day last year I was sitting at home, desperately hoping UPS would arrive with my project, so I could rush into uni and hand it in. It arrived in time, but the experience was awful, and I swore blind, backwards and to the gods of Cobol that this would never happen to me again.

It is going to happen to me again.

Last year was my fault – I pushed the deadine as far as it would go. This time it’s a bit bloody unlucky. My project is a calendar, created on lulu.com. The first draft was ordered on a Sunday night, then printed on the Monday, and it arrived on the Tuesday. The second draft was ordered on a Thursday, posted on Monday, and arrived on Tuesday. The final draft was ordered last Tuesday, and was only posted today, a week later. This is admittedly the upper bound of their possible delivery dates, but all my experiences before had suggested it would be faster than that. It’s not so all-or-nothing catastrophic as last time, as if all else fails I can hand in the pretty-much-done second draft. Nevertheless, I cannot believe this has happened again.