Tiger slug sex

After an unfortunate typo resulted in a search for ‘bungee humping’, I feel I have to share this:

When the striped tiger slug finds a mate the two of them ascend a vertical face – such as a tree trunk – and find a perch. Both then create a strand of mucus from which they dangle in mid air – a molluscan bungee rope, as it were. They then entwine and display bright blue sex organs.

Now comes the tricky bit. Tiger slugs are what are known as true hermaphrodites – they exhibit male and female sexual characteristics at the same time (rather than consecutively, as with the field slug).

Each tiger slug is extremely keen to pass on its sperm, but neither wants the aggravation of bearing the eggs. So each slug, suspended on their bungee, is furiously trying to fertilise the other. When one of them successfully offloads its sperm it then attempts to prevent the other from doing the same by biting off its sex organ.

Suddenly match.com seems less daunting.

Update: Asymptotia has imagery.