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My freezer misnomered itself today. Late this afternoon I stood up from my computer, turned to walk into the kitchen, and wondered why everything was wet. Then, much like Kate in LOST, I cleverly tracked the water back to its source, and wondered why the bacon was yellow. After some rapid mop and towel action I discovered that the extra-cold-bit was a solid block of ice, impervious to both poking and knife attacks. So it is currently dying a slow and noisy death into Every Possible Receptacle There Is.

Turns out you need to defrost freezers. When I say ‘you’, I mean ‘I’. I knew freezers needed defrosting, but I thought mine was, you know, above all that. Events like this really make you think, but mainly about the duvet.

I’m glad I was in, though – the water was within a metre of electrical bits. Also I had to eat all the chips. Life is tough.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me, I haven’t defrosted the freezer since we moved in :-S Already had a plant weeing all over the floor this week, I don’t want any other Waterworld moments in the house..!

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