Upcoming Humanist Symposium

I’m hosting this Sunday’s Humanist Symposium – a blog carnival for atheist / agnostic writing with a humanist slant. It’s a positive, cheery collection of blog posts that’s not about criticising religion, but about discussing and celebrating the myriad flourishings of the humanist life stance. You can contribute!  As a rough guideline, we’re looking for original writing on topics like:

  • The happiness and freedom of life as an atheist, or other positive aspects to living a life without religious belief
  • Efforts to evangelize for atheism, and stories of people who have recently deconverted from religion
  • How to find meaning and purpose in a godless life
  • How non-religious people deal with weddings, child-raising, deaths, and other significant life events
  • Posts that stir up the human sense of awe and wonder
  • The ethics and moral philosophy of the non-religious
  • How nonbelievers can foster and nourish a sense of community

But more = merrier, and feel free to submit anything you like. As long as it’s *puts on sunglasses* within reason.1

Full details are here, and submissions can be made here, or emailed to me directly. Please include the name of the blog the submission is from, the title of the post, the author’s name or handle, a stable link to the post, and a short description. Thanks very much!