McCollough Effect

This last week has been a haze of Oxford Think Week (great), dissertation proposals (hasty but ok), and secret projects (most exciting, and which won’t be secret much longer). It’s been good fun, but very hectic and I’m behind on normal stuff. Nobody should ever gaze upon this much washing up.

I’ve also been breaking my brain with the McCollough Effect. It’s a bizarre phenomenon that results from spending a few minutes looking at a coloured grid. Afterwards, and for a considerable amount of time, the colours of said grid will form around other, unrelated grids. It’s not an optical aftereffect, it’s a mysterious quirk of the brain’s colour processing centres and isn’t really understood. 5 hours and counting, for me. If you give it a go, and can see the effect, try tilting your head ninety degrees. Curious, and kinda startling. I love this kind of thing.

Anyway – back Thursday, when things should start to relax a bit.