Eastenders at 25

Dear Eastenders: how did you do that? How did you hide a character in plain sight like that? She had a colossal motive, yet never even crossed my mind. Some excellent misdirection, there. Nicely played.

And your live episode was classy. I assumed there’d be plenty of protracted dialogue between two characters in a room, but instead it was all fast cuts, parties, actors hustling between different places, impressive lighting, tricky emotional scenes – and obviously the huge final stunt. Kudos for challenging yourselves.

I lived and died with it, too. Admittedly Bradley must have had some kind of breakdown in the last five minutes, because I’m not sure jumping from the building made much sense ok, I take it back – watching it again, he fell; I’m not sure why he was up there in the first place, but that makes much more sense than jumping. But despite this and the pre-show announcer dropping unsubtle hints, it was surprisingly affecting. I even felt sorry for Max. Max! Yes, that dick. Well done.

With this and your genuinely upsetting Shakespearean tragedy last year, you’re putting the lie to the clichés about soaps. I think soaps are unfairly derided, as they have a unique storytelling potential – no other media can build characters and storylines on a daily basis, taking their time to make me genuinely care about a group of people. I like sharing these characters’ highs and lows – it’s nice, and something very difficult to pull off in other media. Tonight’s show was the culmination of some very hard work, and a great story resulted. It entertained me greatly. Thank you.

One request, though: please don’t get rid of Stacey. In a show with plenty of great actors she lights up the screen, and has done for years. If this could turn out to be a red herring, and the actual culprit be Dotty, that’d be swell. Ta.