Video results

My uni results came in this evening, and my video project did spectacularly badly. The video itself got 37%, which is quite the achievement – I don’t know of anyone who’s managed a lower score. The how-i-made-it documentation pulled the overall mark up to 40%, which is the lowest possible mark to still get a third.

They had two major problems with it: the lack of research, which I hold my hands up to, and the concept, which was ‘inconceivable’ and totally unrealistic. I don’t want to whine, but it seems reasonable to mention this is from the teachers who, when I pitched a previous idea about a party political broadcast that focussed on under-appreciated issues, told me it would be better if I made up all the issues, as this would be surreal.

I don’t know – maybe a non-realistic Childline theme was a tasteless thing to do. I knew it wasn’t a completely believable situation, but I thought the metaphors were clear and had a strong enough message to justify the liberties. Maybe this is just wishful thinking.

They also said my technical skills were weak, which hurts. If there’s one area I thought I was fine, it was the technical side.

So I’m a bit down about the whole thing. The low mark doesn’t actually affect anything important, due to the weird averaging-out system of marking, but it’s not nice being told that something you worked very hard at is rubbish. I’ll get over it, though.

Other than that, my essay got 63%, which is my lowest essay score, but still a 2:1. I’m fine with that. The lecturer crossed out all the don’ts, can’ts, won’ts, etc. on the basis that contractions are ‘not appropriate for an academic text’. This is the first I’ve heard of it – all my essays have used contractions – and I suspect I got a (ridiculously) old-fashioned dude. Who are these academics who can’t understand contractions? Luck of the draw, I guess.