Pet portraits

Lots of modern compact cameras detect faces. They recognise face-like shapes, and keep them in focus when the picture is taken. It’s a good idea, and seems to work well. Admittedly there are some problems with recognising all the different face-shapes in the world, although these generally seem to be through lack of testing rather than (somewhat unlikely) overt racism. There is, however, one obvious, glaring, flaw: for all the photographs of people, there are at least as many of pets. Enter Fujifilm’s FinePix Z700EXR, which can supposedly detect dogs and cats. That must be some impressive software. I mean, if they’re struggling with the variances in people

by hexodus... Megan, by me

shaved pomeranian, by Soggydan Dan Bennett1 Presenting Cooper 3/52

Maybe I’m thinking about this upside down, though – Fuji may have simply developed a cuteness detector.

I’m assuming there’s also a dangle-a-biscuit-in-front-of-the-lens button, because otherwise there’s no way they’re looking at the lens long enough for canine detectors to kick in.

  1. pretty sure this is the dog equivalent of the kid from Love Actually []