Video: done

I handed in the video today, which is quite the weight off my mind. I spent most of Christmas worrying about it, one way and another, and while it didn’t spoil things, it’s still nice to nuke that nagging voice. The module was far harder than I anticipated – I thought it’d be fun, but producing three minutes of moving footage that doesn’t seem too hacked-together was surprisingly stressful. Lighting is the main problem – with a photo you can just bounce a flash off a wall and it’ll probably look ok; with video a similar effect is only possible with alert-the-fire-brigade lighting kit, which is a nightmare. It’s revealing that the final result had none of my own video/audio (which may have been pushing my luck). I think I’ll stick with photos for a while.

We then had a talk on upcoming projects, which threw us a large curve ball. Apparently, everything we do from now on counts towards our degree. Now, this was an odd thing to hear. We’re in the middle of our third year, after all, and you’d think our work so far would be of some use. Not so much. The first year is completely ignored, and everything else – up to now – is combined to produce an overall ‘Level 5’ mark. Everything from now on is ‘Level 6’. Our averaged Level 6 grade will be our final degree classification, but only if the Level 5 grade is within one classification. So: if I get a 2:1 for Level 6, my previous work has to average at least a 2:2 for the 2:1 to stand1. I’m pretty sure my Level 5 grade will be a 2:1. Which essentially gives me a blank slate: if I decide to really work for the next 16 months, I could get a first. Interesting.

Anyway, our next project is: do whatever you want. I can make a 90-minute feature film if I feel like it (I don’t feel like it). I have to present a rough idea in 10 days time. Humm.

  1. to be fair, this information was probably written down somewhere, if we had but looked. []