Ho hum. When I got up this morning I had a number of reasonably important things to do, and tonight they’re all still there, waiting for me. I got a little distracted by the snow:

Henley St. in the snow Stratford snow 2010 #16 Curious water/ice boundary

Stratford snow 2010 #26 Stratford snow 2010 #32 Stratford snow 2010 #17

Snow swan Stratford snow 2010 #27

Stratford snow 2010 #30 Stratford snow 2010 #2

I was well impressed by the snow-swan. A young couple spent a long time making it perfect, while I and various other becamerad people hung around waiting for them to finish.

I tried a few macro shots too:

Snow macro #4 Snow macro #1

These were fairly tough, and the larger images aren’t as sharp as I’d like. That said, it was pretty cold, and there was a wind, so I should probably be glad I got anything at all. I also tried to make a new Boris, but by this point my fingers had morphed into Callipos (by the time I got home I was changing functions on my camera by generally swinging my hands in the direction of the button and hoping for the best), so Son of Boris is pretty basic, but looks happy:

Son of Boris

He’s a pale imitation of his father, but is at least in the same spot.

The full set is here. Right. I’d best go catch up. It’s only twenty to eleven, after all.