2009 then

This time last year I was frustrated at my lack of involvement in, well, anything, and resolved to do something about it. Amazingly, I think I’ve achieved that. I’m currently the official photographer for the British Humanist Association, which has been challenging, great for my confidence, and remarkably good fun. The BHA folks are some of the nicest you’ll ever meet, and I’ve taken over 6,500 humanism-related shots with them this year, at all sorts of events and places. So I’m actually quite pleased!

In comparison, my personal life was catastrophic. So we won’t talk about that. Or think about such topics for a while. Brrr.

As much for myself as anything, here’s a quick review. In 2009 I:

  • Taught Thriller from the Fourth Plinth.
  • Helped out behind-the-scenes at TAM: London.
  • Had someone try to set me up on a date with Jonathan Aitken.
  • Met AC Grayling, Julian Baggini, Terry Pratchett, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Peter Cave, and plenty of others whose names I’d only previously seen on bookshelves.
  • Photographed humanists / skeptics at groups all around the country, producing a book of ‘Happy Humanists’ which I’m quite proud of. There’s an epilogue to this story, but I won’t say anything yet in case it doesn’t happen and I look like a moof. There might be more in late January, though.
  • Attended the Labour and Lib Dem conferences.
  • Helped out a little with the Atheist Billboard Campaign.
  • Cut off a phone-scammer who claimed to be from BT, blogged about him, then was promptly filmed for BBC Breakfast and watched by apparently everyone who knows me (I still get people asking about it).
  • Went to a #FlashDate, a #FlashMorph, and the London #twestival.
  • Finally bought an iPhone, which has been invaluable and completely worth the expense. Running around London has been far, far easier with the Maps + GPS.
  • Got annoyed by my university quite a lot. At the point where I am pretty much counting down the months till I graduate.
  • Lost an uncle.
  • Finally shut down the Amazon bookselling business that Abi and I set up.
  • Enjoyed Avatar, Slumdog Millionaire, District 9, Star Trek, Torchwood, Tim Minchin, Muse, Lady GaGa and Stephen King.

Man, this year had some highs and lows. I’m hoping 2010 will be a little more…compressed. Resolutions:

  • Work harder and earn more. I’m not after silly money, obviously, but I’m fed up of worrying about every little expense. I have the time and the energy to work harder and earn more, so I will.

But also:

  • Get fit. I’m not unfit, but I’d suck at chasing muggers capable of running over 400m. The cognitive dissonance between reality and I’m-practically-Batman is increasing daily.
  • Write. I like taking photos, but it’s only writing that gives me any long-lasting sense of achievement.
  • Go on holiday. I haven’t left the country in quite a while. It’s five years since I drove across the USA and I was meant to have had more Big Similar Adventures by now, dammit.

If you’ve read this far, have a kitten. And Happy New Year.