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White Wine in the Sun for Christmas No. 1

Tim Minchin’s wonderful and festive ‘White Wine in the Sun’ is out as a single, just in time for Christmas. Here it is:

There’s a push to make it Christmas no. 1, and I’m entirely in favour. Not because it’s not the X-Factor – that’s not very nice – but because it’s good and I like it.

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If you buy it on iTunes, why not gift it to a friend at the same time? Doubles sales and spreads the word.


  1. Seen it, heard it, bought it. Not in that order. Also checked last night, and on iTunes it’s currently #69 in their chart – not bad going for the start of the week!

  2. Preferring the “Rage Against The Machine” – “Killing In The Name Of”, since its already got a large mass following and is currently ahead of x factor for no 1 with 10% margin. Good track though.

  3. Dude, it makes me sad that people buy into that snobby, unpleasant campaign. People like what they like.

  4. Whilst that may be true, i’d quite like to see a decent track at no1 for xmas :)

  5. Have you heard the X-Factor single?

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