Somewhat disappointing lucid dreamings

I had a lucid dream this morning. I’d heard about these wondrous events, in which you become aware of your dreaming and so can take control in a deity-like manner, but I’d never experienced one. It didn’t go like I’d hoped.

I was dozing in early-morning half-sleep, so wasn’t very far under, and found myself standing in my flat, which didn’t look right. This kick-started the possibility that I might be dreaming. I’d recently read that people have trouble screaming in dreams, and I was indeed unable to. That convinced me I was asleep, and was therefore In Control.

First thing I did: flew off. Pretty excellent, that was. Quite like flying. Did this for quite a while.

Second thing I did: tried to chat up a woman. And – I am not making this up – I failed. I don’t know what this says about my subconscious, but it’s not good.

Then, possibly in disgust, I woke up.

Of course, it’s possible I was dreaming about lucid dreaming, in which case it may have only seemed like I was in control. Yes. I am going to hope assume this is what happened. Especially as I have just googled “lucid dream ‘unable to scream'” and found nothing at all, which suggests it is a bullshit dream-remnant. I am cross that my brain would do this to me. Traitor.