Sea Dragons

This is a sea dragon:

Weedy sea dragon, by Micapixel

Isn’t it beautiful? I hadn’t heard of sea dragons before this evening, and I’m now hooked. I now know sea dragons are 30cm long, related to sea horses, live off the coast of southern Australia, and come in two types: weedy and leafy. These somewhat meek adjectives fail to do the creatures justice:

Weedy sea dragon, by doug.deep Leafy sea dragon by hehadon

Here be dragons!, by petervanallen leafy sea dragon by neonfish3

sea dragon, by southernbelladonna sea dragon, by ponypandaturtle

leafy dragon by zxgirl Leafy Sea Dragon by Charlene-SJ

leafy sea dragon, by lecates

And do you know what they do in their mating ritual? They dance. Honest to goodness – there’s video. And the babies are excessively cute.

If I’m wrong about this whole religion thing and it turns out Buddhism is true, I’ll be a sea dragon, please.