District 9

I finally saw District 9 last weekend. I knew it was sci-fi and had aliens, but that was all – I hadn’t even seen a trailer. And I thought it was spectacular.

Going in blind turned out very well, as I didn’t anticipate any of the twists or remember trailer-scenes that hadn’t happened yet. This suited the film well, and I was engrossed throughout. The not-really-about-aliens plot was thoughtful without being preachy, and not too heavy. It had a sense of fun, but was serious enough to be unexpectedly suspenseful – and compassionate. I felt regular pangs of sympathy for the main character.

I thought it was well-made, too. It just flowed, without any off-moments or logical breakpoints. The plot was self-consistent, and clever enough that even the most ridiculous situations made perfect sense. It felt like a complete story. I like that.

It would also be remiss not to mention the various scenes of utter not-my-daughter-you-bitch awesomeness, which were chest-swellingly excellent in a one-moment-like-that-and-I-could-die-happy way. But saying any more would spoil them. Trust me.

I’d highly recommend seeing it with as little foreknowledge as possible, and I’d think anybody not averse to sci-fi would consider it money well spent. As I tweeted on coming out of the cinema, I think I’ll be watching District 9 a *lot*.