BT scam news reports

As they promised, the BT phone scam report was on BBC Breakfast a few times this morning. I was woken by various texts and emails from people who spotted me, which was fun. The video’s here, and the main article is here1. Hopefully it helped spread the word about these kind of scams.

The only unfortunate part came after the 9:30ish showing, when BBC Breakfast had a consumer advice guy in the studio. He recommended you ask “BT” for your account number, which makes sense, but also that you should ask for your address, as “they won’t have it”. That’s not so sound – the guy who called me knew my address and immediately read it out to me. Still, the overall message was great.

  1. UPDATE: These have since merged, and the three minute report has inexplicably become 30 seconds of just me. Argh. []