Filmed for breakfast news

BBC News filmed me this morning for a piece on phone scammers who pretend to be from BT. A business news producer had found my blog post on the topic, and emailed to ask if I’d be willing to talk about it on-camera. I was happy to, and today I spoke to one of their reporters for about an hour, explaining the details and the trick the scammer had tried to pull on me – apparently it’s doing the rounds at the moment.

Quite exciting, really. There was a reporter, producer and cameraman (plus a couple of inquisitive and adorable dogs), all of whom were very friendly and nice to me. I’d never been filmed like that before, and it was fascinating to see how these segments work, especially with my upcoming uni module on video. After speaking to the reporter they filmed a few general shots of me at a laptop, answering the phone etc., and I’ll be interested to see how it gets cut together.

Apparently it’ll be on BBC Breakfast on Saturday morning, barring monkeys invading Cheltenham or similar. I was not looking my best, though. My hair is bulging over the tops of my ears, I hadn’t shaved in three days, and upon arriving I promptly dropped chocolate down my shirt.  Still, hopefully they won’t use the take where, upon being asked how the phone call made me feel, I decided to say ‘dirty’. Ahem. It got a laugh, anyway.