Happy Humanists response

So I showed Happy Humanists at the BHA‘s AGM last Saturday. I had a table at the back of the room with three copies of the book and a monitor looping through the photos. I was pretty nervous, as I hadn’t shown it to anybody disinterested, and by the time it was all set up I really had no idea what the reaction would be. Thankfully, people seemed to like it. A couple of people actively tried to buy a copy – just some random people, not in the book or anything! – which pretty much made my day. Plenty also expressed interest in getting a copy, and one person came along specially to see me and the project, which was lovely. I was most chuffed, actually.

I’m still not sure what happens next. I was worried about model agreements, but a bit of research – tipped off by a helpful tweet from Damian – suggests that’s not too big a problem. Much more difficult is cost – the individual Blurb-printed books cost £18.95, which is obviously way too much. Bulk deals of over 200 – if there were that kind of interest, which is unlikely – would bring the price down by 10%, but that’s still not good enough; I reckon a tenner is about right. So I’m not sure how to get around that, other than looking for other printers.

I’m really pleased it went down so well! If I can just get over this final hurdle and produce something to sell, I’ll be happy indeed.