Die Hard 4

The depiction of computers in movies seems to irritate a lot of people. I’ve never understood why. Yes, computers don’t have fancy graphics, large-text access denied messages, mouse-less operation, and you can’t magically hack into anything at will – especially with a gun to your head and, um, other distractions – but it’s not real. It’s a film. Using a computer is not inherently dramatic – filmmakers have to do something.

That said, I was smiling throughout Die Hard 4: it was clearly written sans geek. My favourite part was “he could download the entire financial data of the US onto a portable hard drive”, when the average portable hard drive would barely hold my photo collection. Incidentally, said financial data could then be taken anywhere and used to move money in an untraceable manner…somehow…

Of course, Die Hard made up for it when Bruce Willis jumped onto an airborne F35. Give and take. And it’s not as bad as the CIA using Norton Antivirus in The Bourne ThirdOne. That was offensive.