*pops head above parapet* *waves*

Hello! I am still alive. Apologies for pulling a vanishing act – I think that’s one of the longest periods I’ve gone without blogging since I started. You noticed, right?

I’ve been in London since last we spoke, sorting out family stuff. It’s been a curious couple of weeks, as – I feel bad saying this – independent of home stuff I’ve actually been having a great time. I photographed the big BHA Darwin / Humanism / Science day, as well as a memorial celebratory service, a book launch, and the International Humanist & Ethical Union international conference. I was also in the audience for the Radio 4 News Quiz, as well as upcoming BBC3 sitcom We Are Klang. Someone flirted with me in a coffee shop. I failed to understand bus routes a lot. And this morning I nearly got splatted.

So a strange mix of highs and lows, but starting to calm down now. I’ll head home – officially the most charming town in the world (they clearly haven’t met the swans) – soonish.