It’s ages since I’ve meme-d, but having been tagged by Andrew, it seems like the thing to do. This one’s simple: I need to list seven things I love. I’ll skip the obvious family, friends, Captain Birdseye etc.:

  • A great cliffhanger.
  • Trying to stifle an attack of the giggles, then realising someone else has noticed and is now having the same problem.
  • When, without planning it, you hear the perfect song for that particular moment.
  • A turn of phrase that makes me want to cry. See: anything Stephen King’s ever written.
  • A lover taking my hand in public.
  • The brief feeling, after successfully finishing something worrying, where it seems like I can do anything I put my mind to.
  • The sounds of the city in the evening sunlight.

I shall tag Jo, Paul and Mr Skuds, if they fancy taking part.

*title gratuitiously lifted from the Freemania post.