Had to be done

I haven’t watched much TV for the last couple of months, and need to catch up on my Holbys: I’m about six weeks behind, which is unacceptable. I knew I had most episodes recorded, but upon trying to watch them I realised one was missing. The iPlayer doesn’t have back-episodes of Holby, so I was reduced to searching online. I eventually found one torrent, but it was problematic.

I’m a bit fuzzy on how bittorrent works, but I know I need to connect to whoever is seeding the file. In this case I couldn’t connect directly, although he was ‘in the swarm’. I assume this means the file has to transfer via a few other people, or something. Whatever, the episode came in at a whopping 1k/s. And took six days. That’s got to be some kind of record. Totally worth it, though: I need my weekly Connie fix.