Twitter-compatible love poems for the RSC

The RSC is running a love poem competition to help decorate the set of their upcoming production of ‘As You Like It’. There’s a twitter category with a maximum length of 135 characters. I entered a few:

The humming when you’re thinking,
how I always feel so small,
the mess, that laugh, the endless fuss:
you’re such a pain. Please call.

It’s not the kisses I remember,
or that final whispered call.
Just your hand upon my shoulder:
that’s it, that’s all; that’s all.

I’ve stood upon the runways,
faced down their toys of war,
but it seems, alas, I’d let them fly
to hold your hand once more.

Take it from me:
this idea of love,
this empty, deadly, space.
Take it from me.

I could try and try and then one day
remember and not feel.
But it seems to me, if that’s the price,
I don’t much want to heal.

And a couple that didn’t make the cut:

I fell for you that wicked night,
I sang it to you then.
But no such luck, so from this spot,
I fall for you again.

Drag me through the gates of hell, my love
and lash me to the rocks.
Let loose the fiendish hordes, my dear,
I’ll wait.

Nothing special, but I like writing poems – it’s way too long since I’ve tried.