Tracking the book

Right, my Happy Humanists book now physically exists in the world. Blurb finished printing this morning, and shipped it via UPS. I have the tracking number, and I was feeling pretty optimistic for a while.

Unfortunately, its current status is ‘Exception’. ‘An unforeseen event has occurred which could result in a change to the Scheduled Delivery Date’. Shit. The reason given is ‘UPS INTERNAL ACTIVITY CODE’, which doesn’t help much.


I’ll be obsessively checking the tracking page for the rest of the day, then…

Update @ 1725: Still in limbo. Sigh. Last time it shipped overnight, so I’m just going to hope. A classmate has suggested I print out the preview pages from Blurb’s software and hand these in, so the project is at least ‘complete’. That’s a pretty good idea, and if all else fails it’ll have to do.

Update @ 1856: Ooh! The books are ‘In transit’ and ‘On time’! They’ll be delivered some time between 9am and 7pm tomorrow. Gulp. UPS, I take it all back, and will destroy the voodoo dools forthwith.