Deadline week

Hi. Remember me? Am still about, just in the midst of deadline season: two major uni projects are due to be handed in this coming Tuesday.

The first is my ‘Happy Humanists’ endeavour, which I’m panicking about. I designed and ordered a Blurb book last weekend, and they haven’t posted yet. Their current shipping estimate is tomorrow (Monday), with crazy-fast charter-a-jet-specially1 UPS shipping. The last book I ordered arrived in under eighteen hours, and I need something similar again. I have to hand it in in London by 17:00, so it needs to get to me in Stratford by 13:45 – and that’s assuming all the trains work smoothly. I’ve no clue whether this’ll happen. Having said that, if it’s to up 24h late I lose 10% of the marks, which isn’t so bad: my teachers don’t like the project anyway, so 10% of not a lot isn’t too significant.

The other project also has some prints due to arrive by standard post on Tuesday morning. Damned bank holiday.

Sorry to moan. Things are getting on top of me a bit, and being cooped up working solidly on dull reports and write-ups hasn’t helped. I’m a bit sad at the moment, and can’t remember the last time I felt so uninteresting, hence the lack of blogging. Hopefully handing everything in will make a difference. The two major projects are due on Tuesday, and there’s a smaller thing due on Friday, then I’m free till October(!). Well, kinda, but that’s another post.

Right, I’ll shut up and go watch Where the Hell is Matt?. Still the best thing on the Internet. If that ever stops cheering me up, I’ll know I’m in trouble.

  1. they post from the Netherlands []