House rules

So a friend of mine is moving to a different city this weekend. She currently rents a room in a private house, and the new place is smaller, so last week she listed a few items of furniture on Freecycle. She got takers pretty quickly, and arrange for collection in the evenings of the upcoming week. My friend then mentioned this to her landlady, who went ballistic: “I will not have strangers setting foot in my house”, she said. My somewhat-taken-aback friend tried to argue, but to no avail: nobody is to come around and collect things – they will not be allowed in. My friend is unable to carry bookcases etc. downstairs single-handedly, so has been forced to cancel all the collections.

I just want to confirm – this is completely batshit mental, right? There’s no universe in which that’s reasonable behaviour, is there? I mean, what if I went round to help move? Landlady doesn’t know me – would I be allowed in? What about the gas man? What about friends? Come to think of it, I have been round, and I wasn’t kicked out that I remember.

People are weird.