An unexpected scrape

Yesterday I woke up with a slight irritation in my eye – it felt like a piece of grit was lodged somewhere, and wouldn’t come out. It was still there this morning, and hurting a bit more, so I figured I’d best get it looked at. I’m away for the next few days, so I needed something pretty quick. Unfortunately my opticians didn’t have anyone around, and a cheeky call to an optician whose computers I fix didn’t help either. So I thought: forget it, I’m sure it’ll go away by itself. But someone suggested I ask at the local Vision Express on the off-chance. So I did.

Optician Chap found a ‘foreign body’ attached to the cornea, and is sending me to the hospital to have it ‘scraped off’. Doesn’t that sound delightful? So I’ll head over there shortly. Apparently it involves anaesthetic, and lots of waiting around. My Dad apparently had the same thing once, and had to wear an eye patch for a few days. I’m rather hoping technology has improved, even though an eye patch would be BRILLIANT.

Quite glad I went. Apparently there’s a danger it could get infected, spread about the cornea, and damage my vision. So I’d best stop blogging and get over there.

Update: All sorted. The eye clinic was closed, so I went to A&E (feeling guilty as it didn’t seem serious, but he had mentioned infection) and they diagnosed it as a ‘corneal abrasion’: essentially, something smacked into my eye and left a crater. I have antibiotics, and it should heal fine. Doctors are amazing, aren’t they? No need for an eye patch, sadly.