Lack of foolings

Have I mentioned I love April Fool’s day? I love April Fool’s day. I measure success as a ratio: successful foolings versus how inclined people are to beat me up.  This year there were fewer hits, due to lack of proper planning, but more spectacular results. It’s a good job uni has broken up for Easter – hopefully my classmates will have forgotten by then.

Sorry I didn’t get a decent post up in time this year. I’m juggling photography projects here and in London, and there’s little time for much else. Deadlines are only a month away, and it’s all a bit chaotic.

I haven’t had a chance to check out many of the big media pranks – although I wandered into Trafalgar Square during the G20 march, and various speeches must have been less than serious – but a tweet from @jonronson made me laugh the most.