The usual culprit

I chased down an odd problem this morning. The client was unable to download attachments from webmail: the download hung at ‘getfile.asp’, never translating this into a filename. My first thought was Norton Internet Security – if it’s there, it’s causing problems – but disabling it made no difference. So I played with IE’s security settings, as well as other browsers. Firefox sent me down the wrong path by – unrelatedly – having issues downloading files with spaces in their name. Chrome worked fine, but didn’t render the page properly, so I couldn’t recommend a last ditch browser switch.

Next stop: IE’s add-ons. I disabled AOL toolbar: nothing. I disabled something with no description other than ‘Research’: nothing. I disabled Norton: success! I hate that program.

The “Norton Confidential” add-on was the problem. The moment I disabled it NIS squawked about incomplete protection, so I went in to see which part had broken. Apparently it was the phishing protection module, so I disabled that (and turned off the monitoring so it wouldn’t shout at me), re-enabled the add-on, restarted IE and…no difference. The same was true no matter how much of NIS I turned off. So I ended up disabling the add-on permanently. Norton being Norton, it’ll undoubtedly launch a fascist takeover and re-enable everything at some point, but at least the disabling procedure is easy.