Happy Darwin Day

Today marks 200 years since the birth of the man who came up with the most subtly magnificent idea in history. Worth a celebration, I think.

Somewhat relatedly, last night I photographed the BHA’s Darwin Day lecture by Sir David King and chaired by Richard Dawkins. I had fun. First there were a few behind-the-scenes shots, then I wandered around the back of the audience – as quietly as I could – and took long range photos of the stage with my new 55-250IS lens (the image stabilization is astonishing, I pulled off 1/40s at 400mm, which with a standard lens would be an order of magnitude too slow). I’m happy with the results – at least for my first attempt at this kind of event. It was cool to meet the BHA staff, and I got to say hello to Professor Dawkins too.

Afterwards I met a great bunch of humanists from the Central London group, who were just fun to be around.

I’m off to the London twestival tonight. I really have no idea what to expect, and I’m nervous about going alone, but it should be a little adventure. I’ll try to tweet, if the networks aren’t overloaded.

(sorry if this is a little stilted, I’m writing on the train using the iPhone’s WordPress app, and I’m still getting used to the keyboard. I am already in love with this phone tho.)