iPhone on the way…maybe

Over the weekend I decided to stop wittering about iPhones and actually see if I could afford one. So I ran the figures and found it’d be an extra £10/month, which I’m willing to pay for unlimited 3G internet access1. So on Monday I ordered one through the O2 website, then rang Orange to get a PAC so I could transfer my number. Orange kept me on hold for two minutes, stopped trying to talk me out of it as soon as I said ‘iPhone’, and sent the PAC via text within five seconds of disconnecting. I like Orange. I’m not so keen on O2.

A few years ago I tried moving to them, but we fell out after they sent the wrong phone and didn’t believe I’d posted it back (I had proof). They caved after three months, but the difficulties of communicating with their customer services put me off for a long time. But O2 have the exclusive iPhone contract, so what are you going to do – I just hoped they’d improved in the last few years. Then, six hours after placing my order, they emailed to say I needed to call and verify my identity and address, but not that day as they closed at half four. So I called their 0870 number this morning, and after being on hold for half an hour read out my passport number(?!) and credit card details they already had2, and all was fine. They then emailed to say they were out of iPhones until later this week. Fine. Whatever. But then I got a DHL tracking number, so there’s clearly something on the way.

It’ll be quite funny if it’s the wrong phone. I remain optimistic, though.

  1. I wasn’t quite sure how to handle the hypothetical-but-awesome ‘when my 4-year-old iPod dies’ factor, as the moment I added that everything became insanely good value []
  2. I googled to check the email was legit, and found a lot of bloggers who’d wondered the same thing and spent hours trying to find out []