The Olympus OM1 gets the important shots

While leafing through copies of the Sunday Telegraph Magazine – 1975 – I came across this advert for the Olympus OM1:

Olympus OM1 advert from 1975

It’s a very fast camera, apparently. It can take shots other cameras would find impossible. It’s true! Here’s a close-up as proof:

why fast cameras are better

In my experience most camera adverts emphasise durability, quality, or ease of use. I’ve never seen one concentrate on ability-to-photograph-naked-women before1. That’s one of ‘ten everyday photographic problems’ I’ve yet to encounter.

Do you think ‘one is obviously saleable. The other is not’ is tongue-in-cheek? I really can’t tell.

  1. I suspect you don’t need to be a photographer to figure out the difference between these photos is less the speed of the camera and more pointing it the wrong way. They’re also panning with the subject in the first one, which makes it a completely different type of shot. []