Obama pictured in ways old and new

This 30 second video gives an insight into the chaotic world of the White House press photographer, who gets under a minute to sprint to the Oval Office, take pictures of an terribly dull staged meeting, and get out, all the time fighting for position with a couple of dozen other photographers trying to do the same thing in a surprisingly small room. Bonkers, but I bet it’s a rush.

The referring site also links to this daguerreotype of the inauguration, which is kinda fun. A daguerreotype is the result of a photographic technique (the first, in fact) from the 1840s, which renders its impressions onto a shiny metal plate. They’re quite pretty. Very slow, though, and not so much with the quality. It must have been quite the challenge to set up.

Lots of people go for such old-school stuff, which is cool. But they sometimes get really annoying about it, at which point I go a bit Joel Johnson. It’s all about soul, you see. We had a guest lecturer1 recently go on about how digital lacks that magical something, and I just wanted to graffiti this Douglas Adams quote onto the back wall. It’s funny how nobody ever describes the technologies they grew up with as soul-less, don’t you think?

  1. quite interesting in some ways, to be fair []