TAM: London announced

For the last few years I have gazed with envy, resentment and not a little drooiling at the annual bout of skeptical awesomeocity that goes down each summer in Las Vegas. The Amazing Meeting (henceforth known as TAM: Vegas, just because it then sounds like CSI and is therefore made of win) brings together many of the world’s most interesting skeptical thinkers for a few days of lectures, comedy, magic, skeptical-guard-down chitchat, and general madness.

Sadly, I can never go: getting to and staying in Vegas is unfortunately way beyond my budget. For years there been rumours and fleeting mentions of a European version, but nothing’s ever come of it. Until today.

New JREF President Phil Plait this afternoon announced TAM: London, to be held on October 3-4. May I say: w00t. And furthermore may I say: w00t^2. Just try and stop me being there.