Christian Voice aren’t having a good week with the ASA

Having lost their complaint against the Atheist Buses, they’ve also been ordered not to readvertise a claim that the HPV vaccine is a cause of teenage infertility:

The ASA noted Christian Voice’s response. We considered, however, that the claim “Every government initiative, including the HPV vaccine, will increase it [teenage infertility]” was a statement of fact that was a matter open to substantiation. We noted the webpage submitted by Christian Voice, but we did not consider that that webpage in itself was sufficient to support the claim. Because we had not seen robust, scientific evidence that the HPV vaccine caused infertility in teenagers, we concluded that the claim had not been substantiated and was misleading.

Bwaha. That’s the thing about evidence-based claims – you need to understand the burden of proof.

Christian Voice head Stephen Green is an awful, awful man, and it’s nice to see him taken down. In case you think I’m being overly unpleasant, here’s his response to the bus adverts knockback:

But what do you expect when the ASA Council is appointed and run by a campaigning homosexual, Chris, Lord, Smith of Finsbury?

I am not making this up. The guy is worth attacking because he’s continually called upon by the media to speak for the homophobic, medieval, vile-end-of-the-Christian-spectrum community. It would be nice if they’d take his ball away.